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What does it cost?

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Comprehensive cover, minimal fee

It can be reassuring to have a qualified IT Technician on your staff, to be on hand when you need help. 

So, how much more reassured would you feel with a team of SIX highly qualified, widely experienced experts on-call, either on the end of the telephone line or in person?

From as little as £9.99 per month, you can have access to the whole SBS team, whose massive experience, diverse skills and excellent training make them able to handle almost any crisis efficiently and calmly.


Pay per user - keep your costs in line with your business growth

As your business grows and changes, we can grow with you, updating and amending your cover as often as you need to, only providing the support you actually need.

What's NOT covered

Newly-purchased, customer-installed hardware or networks.

Basically, if we supply it, fit it or fix it, we cover it. As long as you let us know what you have, who is using it and how you need to be covered, we can work something out.

Ad Hoc Services

We can also provide one-off additional services to clients.

For example if you have a new printer to connect or a PC to install, don't struggle on alone - call SBS and for a pre-quoted fee (usually just £99) one of our engineers will come to your office and install it for you.

And if you don't have a Support Package with us yet but have an urgent IT challenge, we can also offer Emergency Cover at slightly higher than Support Contract rates - just ask!