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Case Study 1:
Cleaning products & housewares importer makes a clean sweep with their IT


Our client moved into brand new offices and, with our expertise, ensured everyone was up and running within the timescale agreed and with limited disruption to their business.

On day 3 of being in their new offices, workmen dug up their communication cables by mistake!

They were left without internet, emails and phones and there was nothing we could do to help them because BT had to dig up the road and lay new cables, which would take up to two weeks. As you can imagine, our client was extremely frustrated that nothing could be done sooner and every hour they were offline they were losing money.

However, fear not…

We stepped in and offered our client space to work in our own building, together with the necessary internet and phone access, until they could return to work in their offices.

What we did wasn’t in our Contract, as they do not cover disaster recovery on this scale, but it was something we would have done for any client in this situation. Our client was able to continue to trade and was happy – which means we’re happy too!

Case Study 2:
Boutique solicitors get flexible IT systems to ease growing pains


Our client didn’t have an office base as all their employees worked from home. They therefore needed their IT system to adapt to their exact requirements.

We brought their services from being hosted in the cloud to being on-premise which significantly reduced their overheads. We did, however, keep a hosted online backup.

Our client was able to develop with minimal growing pains and, because we’re an adaptable IT company, we were able to respond to their requests quickly and proactively.

The latest development is that they have now opted for legal software for case management, which requires an off-premise server. With our vast experience in the legal sector, we were able to forward-plan their exact requirements, enabling a smooth transition from server to server, with minimal disruption and no risk.

Case Study 3:
Physiotherapist tightens up their IT infrastructure and becomes more flexible


Our client operates from multiple sites and is one of the largest practices outside of London. We installed a multi-user server at their head office, based upon our assessment and recommendations, enabling flexibility for the practice to grow in the longer-term, together with facilitating secure remote access working.  As a result, they have acquired more clinics and these transitions have been smooth-running, with minimal fuss.

Our understanding of the needs of a growing business helped enormously.

We ‘went the extra mile’ when our client’s personal telecommunications system went down and his provider couldn’t get there any earlier than 3 days to fix it. Our engineers took it upon themselves to visit our client at home to fix the problem - even though it wasn’t in the terms of our Contract, we wanted to help him get back online, which we did.

Case Study 4:
Insurance company streamlines their technology to become more time-efficient


Our client operates out of one office, where we took an over-complicated system and simplified it.

Their previous supplier had tied them into expensive, contracted hosted services and their IT infrastructure was made more complex than was necessary, resulting in many problems.

We recommended and implemented standard Microsoft working practices with minimal disruption and peace of mind.

This enabled the company to become more time-efficient, with no extra outlay. We demonstrated that we were able to respond quickly and effectively to changes and requests from our client.



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