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Data Backup

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Securing your data, whatever happens

Onsite or online, we have the solution for you.

If the worst should happen - a fire, for example, or theft of your equipment - and your valuable business data is lost, it can have a massive negative impact on your business.

So why  take chances?

SBS Networks can offer both on-site and hosted solutions to backing up your data. The requirements of each individual site is assessed by our expert team, based on the volumes of data held and backup required. We then recommend the most appropriate solution.

We also offer 'server virtualisation' or 'replication' services - to reduce downtime in the event of an emergency, we maintain a secure 'clone server', which synchronises files between the Windows servers and ensures you can get back to doing business faster and safer.

For Cloud Hosting, see our  SBS 365 section for more information.


Feel free to get in touch with your questions, we'd be happy to advise.